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R&D of CuSS macrocomposites

- for 60T–1MJ and 3MJ magnets with optimized current distribution: 900 meters of Cu/SS macrocomposite conductors with two different SS contents (40, 58%vol) and with different cross sections (2.00 * 3.15, 2.50 * 3.55 mm2) were produced and checked the requirements for a 65T-1MJ prototype magnet with optimized current distribution. 600 meters of Cu/SS macrocomposite conductors with three different SS contents (42, 46, 58 %vol) and with different cross sections (2.36 * 4.50, 2.65 * 4.50, 3.00 * 5.00 mm2) have been especially produced in order to be wound in a “large bore” 65T-3MJ prototype magnet with optimized current distribution.

- for 80 T magnet with optimized reinforcement distribution: the development of 450 meters of Cu/SS macrocomposite wires with 40% of SS and a cross section of 2.36 * 4.00 mm2 has been dedicated to the construction of a new type of magnet combining high strength wires and Zylon fibers, producing a new european record, in 2006, with a magnetic field of 78 T, powered by the capacitor bank of NHMFL (Los-Alamos-USA).

- for B > 80 T in the coilin/coilex system: the development of Cu/SS wires, for the coilin, with 60% of SS (UTS>1550 MPa) and a cross section of 2.00*1.25 mm2 allows to reach 81T (the LNCMI record) in spring 2009.

- for B >90 T in the triple coil system which gives a peak field value of 98.8 T, the European record for non destructive pulsed magnetic fields obtained at LNCMI in February 2017.

- for coil aging study within DENUF project (FP6): the study of the influence of the work-hardening on Cu/SS macrocomposite wires has been performed in order to determine the best compromise between strength and plastic strain with respect to the coil lifetime. Several small batches (50 meters) with different work-hardening ratio (RA= 65, 70, 75%, 80%) have been elaborated in-house and insulated by an industrial company with a double layer of polyimide films (Kapton).


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