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Séminaires invités

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    Date Time Speaker Title
    14/12/17 14:00 Yusuke Hirose Electronic states of the heavy-fermion compound CePt2In7 under high pressures and high magnetic fields
    09/11/17 14:00 Robin Nicholas Nanotubes, graphene and perovskites : building blocks for a new generation of photovoltaics 
    26/10/17 14:00 Yusuke Hirose Electronic states of heavy-fermion compound CePt2In7 under high pressures and high magnetic fields
    06/09/17 11:00 Doan Nguyen Development and operation of Pulsed Magnets at the Pulsed Field Facility-National High Magnetic Field Laboratory 
    31/08/17 14:00 Holger Grahn
    Terahertz quantum cascade lasers
    10/07/17 10:30 M. Tokunaga et A. Ikeda  1. Recent research activities of non-destructive pulse magnet group in ISSP, Kashiwa (Tokunaga)
    2. Quantum spin-crossover and lattice changes in LaCoO3 (Ikeda) 
    03/07/17 14:00 Masayoshi Tonouchi THz microfluidic sensor chip
    23/03/17 14:00 Sam Bayliss Coupled triplet exciton spins formed by singlet fission
    09/03/17 14:00 Rena Zieve First-Order Reversal Curves and the Magneto-Structural Phase Transition in FeTe
    16/02/17 14:00 Carsten Putzke High-temperature superconductivity : A quantum critical phenomena ?
    24/01/17 11:00 Kamran Behnia Superconductivity and ferroelectricity in strontium titanate
    16/01/17 10:00 Samuel D. Stranks Metal-halide perovskites for photovoltaic and light-emitting devices
    13/12/16 11:15 Adrian Balan Emerging electronic states in 2D materials
    09/12/16 11:30 Dr Ariando Oxide electronics beyond Moore
    30/11/16 11:00 Dmitry Budker Precession In The Dark : the CASPEr and GNOME experiments
    24/06/16 11:00 André Füzfa Testing General Relativity with electromagnets ?
    09/06/16 14:00 Ariando Ariando Imaging and Control of Emerging Functionalities
    at Complex Oxide Interfaces
    21/04/16 14:00 Junichiro Kono Collective, coherent, and ultrastrong coupling of 2D electrons with terahertz cavity photons
    08/04/16 10:30 Joanna Urban Chemical doping in graphene
    08/12/15 11:00 François Debray Les aimants résistifs du LNCMI-Grenoble
    03/11/15 14:00 Jean-Christophe Orain Spin Liquid Ground State in a Vanadium Based S = 1/2 Trimerized Kagome Compound
    13/10/15 14:00 Siham Benhabib Collapse of Pseudogap in Cuprate Superconductors at
    a Lifshitz Transition
    08/07/15 11:00 Martin Le Tacon Charge Density Waves in the Cuprates from X-Ray Scattering Experiments
    17/06/15 11:00 Martin Greven
    New insight into the cuprate phase diagram from
    neutron, X-ray and transport studies of HgBa2CuO4+δ
    28/05/15 14:00 Ramzy Daou Thermal transport in quasi-2D supermetallic oxides
    21/05/15 11:00 Rosa Santagata Optical interferometry length metrology for high-sensitivity ring laser gyroscopes
    13/05/15 14:00 Alessandro Surrente Pyramidal quantum dots and optomechanical resonators for integrated nanophotonics
    02/04/15 14:00 Gaël Grissonnanche Thermal Hall effect in YBa2Cu3Oy : Fermi-surface reconstruction and the Wiedemann-Franz law
    19/03/15 14:00 Junichiro Kono Coherent many-body dynamics in two-dimensional systems in high magnetic fields
    11/03/15 11:00 Louis Taillefer Fermi-surface reconstruction and Wiedemann-Franz law in a cuprate superconductor
    30/01/15 11:00 Marta De Luca On the electronic properties of III-V nanowires : an optical and magneto-optical investigation
    26/11/14 14:00 Bruno Pelle
    Three-body FRET and other energy exchanges in frozen Rydberg gases"
    "FRET 3-corps et autres schémas d’échange d’énergie dans des nuages d’atomes de Rydberg froids"
    26/11/14 11:00 Salim Erfanifam
    Ultrasonic investigations of the spin ices in and out of
    20/11/14 14:00 Pavel Grigorev Electronic transport as a tool to investigate the microscopic structure of a density-wave state
    28/07/14 10:30 Hitoshi Ohta Recent development of multi-extreme high field THz ESR and some applications
    15/07/14 10:30 Taku Terashima Magnetization and Yb valence state in α-YbAl1-xFexB4 at high magnetic fields
    17/06/14 11:00 Dr. Ariando Two dimensional electron gases at complex oxide interfaces
    19/05/14 10:45 Artur Kawecki
    PDF - 19.1 ko

    Department of Metal Working and Physical Mettallurgy of Non-Ferrous Metals

    01/04/14 11:00 Mark Oliver Goerbig Two-dimensional semi-conductors : massive Dirac fermions or nothing new ?
    30/01/14 14:00 Janina Krieg Synthesis of Bi2Te3 nanowires by electrodeposition and etched ion-track technology
    17/01/14 11:00 Julien Fuchs The SILAMPA project : Laboratory Modelling of Magnetized Astrophysical Jets
    09/01/14 10:30 Elodie Larive Valorisation de la recherche
    03/12/13 11:00 Carsten Putzke Quasiparticle Mass Enhancement Close to the Quantum Critical Point and its Consequences for the
    Superconducting State in BaFe2(As1-xPx)2
    06/11/13 11:00 Mateusz Goryca Dynamics of a single magnetic moment in a quantum lot
    20/09/13 15:30 Liang Li Recent developments of pulsed high magnetic field at WHMFC
    18/09/13 11:00 Anna Orlova Investigations of antimony-containing chalcogenides Ag5SbS4
    and CuPbSbS3 by Sb NQR spectroscopy
    23/07/13 11:00

    Stefano Scotto

     !!! ANNULE !!!

    PDF - 70.9 ko

    Experimental characterization of an interacting Rydberg gas

    24/06/13 11:00 Atsuhiko Miyata
    Magneto-optical surveys of geometrically frustrated magnets in ultrahigh magnetic fields
    07/06/13 14:30 Louis Taillefer Conductivité thermique dans les supraconducteurs : reconstruction de la surface de Fermi dans YBaCu3Oy& et sody> DF - 70.9 ko' /> alps magap> Sr2RuO4 24/06/13 10:40 Louel Grigorev Eleictronic transport asMon
    3 10:40 Louel Grigorev 10:30 Atsuhiko Miyata 09/12/16 5 10:30 Aitoshi Ohta 21/05/15 11:00 Atsuhiko Miyata 4 11:00 Aamuel D. Stranks 11:00 Aouel Grigorev FRASen Putzke 11:00 Aamdie Larive 11:00 Car00 Yakov Kireltr> hlass='spip_document_724 spip_documents spip689cuments_right' style='float:right;width:120px;]'>
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    24/06/13 4 11:00 Couel Grigorev
    24/06/13 5 14:02 Couel Grigorev 18/09/13 14:02 Cosa Santagata 24/06/13 14:02 Cosa Santagatas ReD> mal transport in qut_724 spip_documents spip639cuments_right' style='float:right;width:120px;]'>
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    24/06/13 8 14:02 Couel Grigorev 24/06/13 6 14:02 Cosa Santagata itionpnim cicoucigh pr 21/05/15 10:42 Couel Grigorev 10:42 Camuel D. Stranks
    14:02 Couel Grigorev 11:02/ Cosa Santagata Lev/alois, Upratesitfermeh elèveo(Std>ct) Grigorev
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