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LNCMI-T outreach

The LNCMI-Toulouse staff regularly participates to outreach events, to promote science and research in high magnetic field. A few examples:

  • French annual science fest

Every year in October (for example in 2013), the LNCMI-Toulouse opens its doors to students for the French annual science fest. The high-field facilities (generators, magnets, experiments) are presented, as well as introductions to the research in high magnetic field thanks to a various set of demonstration experiments : magnetism, magnetic springing ring, magnetic levitation of a superconductor, phase transitions, optics, laser, etc. A similar visit is also organised every year for a group of students laureate of the French competition "Olympiades de Physique".

  • The researchers night

The LNCMI-Toulouse staff participates very regularly to the"Researchers night", which is a another French national outreach event. These last years, the demos of magnetism, optics, and superconductivity of the lab were presented at the Space Museum in Toulouse, as well as at the Météo-France site, at the occasion of the researchers nights 2010, 2011, 2012.

  • At Université Paul Sabatier : The ChemCam instrument analysing Mars planet rocks

Université Paul Sabatier made on March, 12th, 2013 an opening to a large audience to highlight the Mars exploration based on the Rover Curiosity. This rover carries an instrument named ChemCam that was entirely conceived by a Science team from Toulouse. This instrument analyses the composition of Mars rocks using laser pulse shots and performing spectroscopy of the emitted light. ( During this show, LNCMI-Toulouse has displayed a set of experiments that includes laser and spectroscopy measurements to support the understanding of ChemCam operation.

  • At Rieupeyroux high school, in Aveyron, young scientists investigate magnetism and electricity

Pupils from Rieupeyroux high school in Aveyron have set under the guidance of their physics teacher an atelier that displays experiments to demonstrate electricity and magnetism to other primary and high school pupils*. They actually visited LNCMI-Toulouse on March, 20th to discover a genuine set of experiments that highlights magnetic field generation optical, magnetic and superconductive properties of materials. Recently, the Rieupeyroux team won in first rank a selection tournament in Midi-Pyrénées for participating to the national competition “Faites de la Science” in Rochelle, May, 31th, 2013 ( LNCMI supports currently their atelier.


  • At lycée Bellevue in Toulouse : discovering the laser

The lycée Bellevue in Toulouse has welcomed on April, 15th, 2013 an atelier from LNCMI-Toulouse that aims to explain how a laser works. This atelier combines a set of experiments based on spectroscopy and photometry that have been designed to support the understanding of light emission processes taking place in a laser operation. The presentation has addressed more specifically, helium-neon, ruby crystal and semiconductor lasers.

  • Contacts:

Jean Léotin (Laser, Outreach at the University of Toulouse, Riouperoux and Bellevue high schools, etc.)

Baptiste Vignolle (Superconductivity, Supra2011)