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Pierre Mathieu

Icone publications

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Current position

Assistant professor
Engineering physics department, INSA Toulouse

High magnetic field laboratory, CNRS - LNCMI
Nano-objects and semiconducting nanostructures group


2013 - : Assistant professor, INSA Toulouse and LNCMI

2010 - 2013 : Post-doc at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden

2007 - 2010 : PhD student at the Institute for Nanoscience and cryogenics (INAC), CEA, Grenoble

2003 - 2007 : École Normale Supérieure de Cachan


Storage and on-demand release of microwaves using superconducting resonators with tunable coupling (arXiv)
M. Pierre, I.-M. Svensson, S. R. Sathyamoorthy, G. Johansson, and P. Delsing
Applied Physics Letters 104, 232604 (2014)

Patterning Strategy for Monoelectronic Device Platform in a Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Technology
S. Pauliac-Vaujour, R. Wacquez, C. Vizioz, T. Chevolleau, M. Pierre, B. Previtali, C. Comboroure, N. Bove, B. Roche, M. Vinet, X. Jehl, M. Sanquer, and P. Sixt
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 50, 06GF15 (2011)

Intrinsic and doped coupled quantum dots created by local modulation of implantation in a silicon nanowire (arXiv)
M. Pierre, B. Roche, W. Wacquez, X. Jehl, M. Sanquer, and M. Vinet
Journal of Applied Physics 109, 084346 (2011)

Single-dopant resonance in a single-electron transistor (arXiv)
V. N. Golovach, X. Jehl, M. Houzet, M. Pierre, B. Roche, M. Sanquer, and L. I. Glazman
Physical Review B 83, 075401 (2011)

Single donor ionization energies in a nanoscale CMOS channel (arXiv)
M. Pierre, R. Wacquez, X. Jehl, M. Sanquer, M. Vinet, and O. Cueto
Nature Nanotechnology 5, 133 (2010)

Application of negative differential conductance in Al/AlOx single-electron transistors for background charge characterization
H. C. George, M. Pierre, X. Jehl, A. O. Orlov, M. Sanquer, and G. L. Snider
Applied Physics Letters 96, 042114 (2010)

Compact silicon double and triple dots realized with only two gates (arXiv)
M. Pierre, R. Wacquez, B. Roche, X. Jehl, M. Sanquer, M. Vinet, E. Prati, M. Belli, and M. Fanciulli
Applied Physics Letters 95, 242107 (2010)

Background charge and quantum effects in quantum dots spectroscopy (arXiv)
M. Pierre, M. Hofheinz, X. Jehl, M. Sanquer, G. Molas, M. Vinet, and S. Deleonibus
European Physical Journal B 70, 475 (2009)


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